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If you are a passionate gamer interested in esports investment, exploring options to invest in your favourite team could be exciting.

This article overviews the possibilities and methods for investing in these organizations. It addresses everything from the viability of the investment to specific strategies, highlighting the importance of understanding the dynamism and growth potential of the esports industry.

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Is it possible to directly invest in HEROIC?

Direct investment in HEROIC is impossible, as they are not publicly traded. Publicly traded companies offer their shares to the public, allowing investors to buy a stake.

Without this option, those interested in investing in HEROIC must look for indirect alternatives such as sponsorships or collaborations, which, although they do not offer an ownership stake, can provide commercial and brand benefits.

However, we will discuss the alternatives below if you are interested in investing in the esports segment and industry.

Investing in eSports Stocks

Investing in esports is becoming increasingly attractive due to the industry's rapid growth. The global esports market reached approximately $1.1 billion in 2021, with a global audience of 474 million.

This growth can be attributed to several factors, including the rise in online viewership and increased involvement of brands and sponsors. Furthermore, the diversification in game genres and inclusion in traditional sports events, such as the Asian Games, further broaden esports' reach. Investing in this industry offers access to a young, technologically advanced market with the potential for significant returns, especially considering the innovations in gaming technology and the growing acceptance of esports as a legitimate form of competition and entertainment.

Below is a list of some of the most popular companies involved in video games:

  1. Tencent Holdings (TCEHY): A Chinese giant with investments in multiple esports companies and games.

  2. Activision Blizzard (ATVI): Developer of popular games like Call of Duty and Overwatch.

  3. Electronic Arts (EA): Creators of sports games like FIFA and Madden NFL.

  4. Take-Two Interactive (TTWO): Owner of 2K Games, developer of NBA 2K.

  5. NVIDIA (NVDA): A leader in GPUs, crucial for gaming and esports.

  6. Logitech International (LOGI): Manufacturer of gaming peripherals.

  7. AMD (AMD): NVIDIA's competitor produces CPUs and GPUs for gaming PCs.

  8. Microsoft (MSFT): Owner of Xbox and game developer, also involved in esports.

  9. Sony (SONY): Owner of PlayStation and promoter of esports events.

  10. Nintendo (NTDOY): Known for games like Mario and Super Smash Bros, popular in esports.

  11. DouYu (DOYU) and HUYA (HUYA): Chinese streaming platforms with a strong presence in esports.

  12. NetEase (NTES): A Chinese developer and operator of online games with titles in esports.

  13. Sea Limited (SE): Owner of Garena, a platform that publishes popular games in the Asian market.

  14. Bilibili (BILI): A Chinese streaming platform that invests in esports content and events.

  15. Acer Inc. (2353.TW): Known for its gaming PCs and hardware, it promotes and sponsors esports events.

  16. Corsair Gaming (CRSR): Known for its gaming peripherals and PC components used in esports.

  17. Ubisoft Entertainment (UBI.PA): Developer of the popular esports game Rainbow Six Siege.

  18. CD Projekt (OTGLF): Known for The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077, exploring the esports market.

  19. Square Enix (9684.T): Famous for games like Final Fantasy and venturing into esports.

  20. Konami Holdings (9766.T): Developer of Pro Evolution Soccer with a presence in esports.

To invest in esports-related stocks, identify companies you believe have growth potential. Then, research their financial performance and growth potential.

Diversifying your portfolio is important, considering stocks from different companies within the sector. Choose the app with which you want to invest.

Finally, continually monitor the market and esports trends to make informed decisions. Remember, all investments carry risks, so it is vital to conduct thorough research before investing.

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Cryptocurrencies Related to eSports

Additionally, several cryptocurrencies and tokens are related to the esports world. These digital assets are designed to offer various functionalities in esports, such as tournament prizes, merchandise purchasing, or even influencing decisions in teams or leagues. Some examples include:

  1. Unikoin Gold (UKG): Designed for betting and rewards in esports.

  2. FirstBlood (1ST): Allows users to compete in games and win prizes.

  3. GameCredits (GAME): Focused on being a payment medium for players and developers.

  4. Chiliz (CHZ): Used on the Socios platform for decision-making in sports and esports teams.

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Betting on eSports Tournaments

Betting on esports tournaments is a form of engagement in the gaming world, but it significantly differs from investing. While investing in esports-related stocks or cryptocurrencies involves acquiring an asset with the potential for long-term appreciation, betting focuses on predicting the outcomes of specific events for immediate gains.

Recognizing the inherent risks in betting, including the possibility of losing all the money wagered, is important. As such, betting should be approached with caution and responsibility, ideally as entertainment rather than a means to achieve sustainable income.

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eSports Event

Events are an integral part of the esports scene. These events draw millions of viewers worldwide, allowing fans to see their favourite teams and players compete for the biggest prizes.

Esports events are typically held in large venues, such as stadiums, sports arenas, or convention centres. These venues typically feature a large spectator area where fans can watch live matches. Events often feature an exhibitor area where companies can promote their esports-related products and services.


HEROIC, a Danish esports team focusing on CS:GO, has garnered recognition for their strategic prowess and technical expertise. Their consistent presence in international tournaments and significant contributions to the CS:GO scene have solidified their reputation as one of the strongest teams in Europe.

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