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Real AstroPay Reviews

User opinions about AstroPay vary, offering a mixed perspective of the platform:

  1. Trustpilot: AstroPay has an average rating of 3.6 out of 5, based on 3,876 reviews. The distribution of ratings shows that 53% of users gave positive ratings (4 and 5 stars), while 36% gave it 1-star ratings.

  2. G2: On G2, AstroPay has a rating of 3.8 out of 5. 20% of users awarded it 5 stars, while 60% gave it 4 stars. There were no 3-star ratings, but 20% gave it 2 stars, and there were no 1-star ratings.

  3. Trustpilot - Specific User Experience: One user reported difficulties when attempting to withdraw money from their AstroPay account to their card or bank, encountering system error messages.

  4. Kimola: According to reviews collected on Kimola, users praise AstroPay for its ease of use and quick money transfers. However, negative experiences are also mentioned, including complaints about lost deposits and blocked accounts.

  5. Smart Money People: Reviews on Smart Money People show a lower rating of 1.8 out of 5, based on 15 reviews. There was a significant 300% increase in 1-star ratings in the last 90 days.

These diverse opinions highlight both the positive features and the challenges that some users have encountered with AstroPay. It's essential to note that individual experiences may vary, and online reviews often reflect a mix of user perspectives.

Astropay's VISA Card

Astropay's wallet is an electronic money solution that allows users to securely and efficiently carry out online money transfers and payments. It provides a broad array of financial services, including the ability to load funds into the Astropay account via various methods such as bank transfers, credit and debit cards, and other e-wallets.

Astropay's wallet is also available as a mobile app, making it convenient for users to manage funds and conduct transactions anytime, anywhere. The app is known for its intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing users to check their balance, make transactions, and track their spending effortlessly.


This eWallet supports multiple currencies, allowing users to hold and transact in different currencies within the same account.


This platform offers a prepaid card option for funding, allowing users to load funds onto a card and use it for convenient and secure transactions.

Prepaid Card

This personal savings account does not charge a monthly maintenance fee, providing account holders with a cost-effective way to manage their savings. By eliminating the monthly fee, account holders can save money and allocate more of their funds towards their savings goals.

No Monthly Maintenance Fee


This eWallet has limited support for various currencies, restricting users from transacting in currencies other than the ones supported. Users may face difficulties in managing multi-currency transactions or encounter additional conversion fees when using unsupported currencies.

Limited Currency Support

This trading platform is associated with a lack of experience, making it potentially risky for traders. Due to the platform's limited track record, it may not have the necessary expertise to handle complex trading scenarios, increasing the likelihood of errors or inefficiencies.

Lack of Experience





Steps to Open an Account with Astropay

The process of opening an account with this e-wallet is straightforward and involves key steps to ensure a safe and efficient experience. The detailed steps are as follows:

  1. Visit the Official Website: Look for the option to open a new account, usually highlighted on the main page.

  2. Complete the Registration Form: Provide personal details such as name, address, email, and phone number. Depending on the platform's requirements, you may be asked for additional information to better understand your user profile.
    Identity Verification: Upload documents to prove your identity, including a photo ID and, in some cases, proof of address.

  3. Account Configuration: Select relevant options, such as the main currency.

  4. Fund Deposit: Add funds to your account using one of the available payment methods.

Bank Transfer
Credit Card

Deposit & Withdrawal Methods




United Kingdom




AstroPay is a global wallet service providing users with the ability to make payments, send, and receive money. The AstroPay app offers a range of services including online payments, both virtual and physical debit cards, and peer-to-peer money transfers​​.

Operating in over 150 countries and supporting more than 50 currencies, AstroPay's mission is to empower individuals to pursue their passions confidently. The company aims to deliver exclusive and cutting-edge financial solutions that allow seamless management of finances, enabling users to focus on their interests​​.

Founded in 2009, AstroPay is headquartered in London and is a private company that offers payment solutions to help customers avoid local taxes, payment rejections, fraud, and credit approval issues. It allows consumers to purchase online using prepaid cards in local currencies, and is primarily involved in the financial services sector.


Financial Conduct Authority


United Kingdom


Astropay's wallet is designed to facilitate money management in multiple currencies for users around the world. Here are some key features and functionalities of the app:

  1. Multi-Currency: The wallet allows users to hold and convert money in multiple currencies.

  2. Ease of Use: The app's user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. Users can easily send money, view their balance in different currencies, and review their transaction history.

  3. Real-Time Currency Conversion: Users can convert their money to other currencies directly within the app at competitive exchange rates and with minimal commissions.

  4. Astropay Debit Card: The app integrates with the Astropay Debit Card, which allows users to spend in different currencies without additional currency conversion charges.

  5. Alerts and Notifications: The app offers customizable notifications and alerts to keep users informed about their transactions and changes in exchange rates.


Astropay stands out as a digital payment service provider, garnering attention from users and businesses worldwide. In this review, we will delve into Astropay's key features, exploring its functionality, security, and service efficiency. We aim to examine how this platform meets user needs, assessing both its advantages and potential drawbacks. Our goal is to provide a clear and objective perspective to assist users in making informed decisions about utilizing Astropay for their financial transactions.


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