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If you run a finance-themed blog or website, or are an influencer in Social Media, a promising way to monetize and earn online is through international forex and investment platform affiliate programs. Below, we list the top affiliate marketing programs available in Finland, including direct links to each.

Remember: Using our links gives you better terms with providers than going solo. This article targets those familiar with Affiliate Marketing. If you're new to this online business model, we provide a brief explanation towards the article's end, but you'll need to conduct a deeper analysis independently.

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, this explanation will be brief. Internet marketing is a complex business that, while not requiring significant financial investment, does require substantial time investment to fully understand and operate effectively.

Affiliate Marketing is a branch of internet marketing focused on achieving results, measured in the number of clicks. If you own a website, you are the "affiliate" (to the service provider company), and your role involves advertising service providers through the posting of ads, articles, or promotions.

You earn money when a user visits your website and performs a specific action (clicking on a banner, registering on the provider's site, or purchasing a product or service). There are entire companies with many employees dedicated solely to affiliate marketing, indicating its profitability.

Sounds simple, right? Technically, it only requires creating a website, blog, or YouTube channel, and getting people to click on banners provided by the suppliers. However, as it's a highly profitable venture, many people are trying to do the same. Therefore, if you decide to pursue it, do it well, or you'll just waste time. If you're successful and your site receives many clicks, earning significant money is guaranteed.

Commission Systems in Finance, Forex, and Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs

The affiliate marketing business has the following commission schemes (though there might be variations, they usually combine these elements):

  • CPA: A commission structure where the affiliate receives a one-time payment for each trader who opens a new account, deposits money, and trades. The amount of this commission varies by broker but can be up to 800 dollars per new client.

  • Revenue Share (Variable): Variable commissions based on the trading activity generated by traders who opened an account through the affiliate.

  • Hybrid: This system combines both CPA and Revenue Share. The affiliate receives a fixed payment for each trader who opens a real account, deposits, and trades, plus a percentage for every trade that trader makes.

  • CPL (Cost per Lead): This model offers easier earning opportunities, as referred clients only need to complete a free registration form with the promoted brokers for the affiliate to receive their commission.

  • Sub-affiliates: Essentially pays a percentage for referring others who wish to join the program and start promoting the associated Forex brokers.

Investment Platforms and Online Trading Brokers

Undoubtedly, the stars in affiliate marketing for financial services are investment platforms, also known as online brokers. These are platforms or apps used to invest in financial instruments, typically CFDs (Contracts for Difference), which are derivatives of the actual financial instrument. There is a wide variety of platforms, and their conditions vary greatly.

Generally, if the client clicking on the page is a resident of the European Union, brokers pay a fixed commission. Depending on the country where the client resides, some commissions can be as high as €800. If the client is based outside of Europe, they may pay what is known as a "Lot Rebate," a variable proportional to the final client's investment activity. Therefore, depending on where your target clientele is located, you should choose the platform that best suits your business. The most sought-after platforms worldwide are as follows:

Libertex: A popular Forex broker. Although Libertex is not the best in terms of conversion rates, its commission structure is attractive, offering a mix of fixed plus variable commissions. The variable is always paid, and the fixed is paid as long as the referred client generates a minimum level of commissions for the platform.

Affiliate Link to Libertex

Binance: The world's largest and most recognized crypto trading platform offers an attractive and lucrative affiliate program. This program is an excellent opportunity for those interested in the cryptocurrency market.

Binance Affiliate Link

Pepperstone: Another popular Forex and CFD broker known for its excellent commission scheme for clients. Pepperstone's affiliate service is excellent, and the commission scheme is very convenient, scaling commissions according to: 1) Verification of client documentation, 2) Real funds deposit, 3) Trading of 5 lots.

Pepperstone Affiliate Link

XM: A Forex and CFD broker with an excellent conversion rate, offering a welcome bonus of USD 30 without the need for a fund deposit. XM's affiliate service is undoubtedly the best.

XM Affiliate Link

XTB: Although the process of opening accounts for referred clients is not the fastest, XTB is a highly demanded platform, making it important to include on a website dedicated to financial services.

XTB Affiliate Link

eToro: An Israeli-origin broker known for being a "social" platform, where investors can interact, converse with each other, and cross-invest in their investment portfolios. eToro is one of the platforms with the best conversion rates, as the account opening process for referred clients is simple and fast. Having a significant market share, it is not the broker that pays the best commissions.

eToro Affiliate Link

BDSwiss: A Swiss broker popular for its excellent system of real-time Forex news and signals. Like Libertex, BDSwiss offers a mix of fixed plus variable commissions.

BDSwiss Affiliate Link

Plus500: A UK-regulated broker. Plus500 does not allow account openings in all countries.

Plus500 Affiliate Link

Quotex: Affiliate programs in binary options trading, such as Quotex's, offer commissions based on the trading activity (Revenue Share) of the referrals. This can include a percentage of the profits generated by referred users or a payment for each new user registered through the affiliate link.

Quotex Affiliate Link

Exness: Exness's affiliate program is a CPA, where the commission amount depends on the tax residence of the referred client and the amount of their first deposit.

Exness Affiliate Link

Blackbull: A New Zealand broker known for being an excellent choice for traders looking for ECN accounts.

Blackbull Affiliate Link

finance professional

The finance professional working in the lucrative affiliate marketing segment is a key figure in the financial sector, playing a crucial role in promoting and selling services to their clientele or audience.

This individual merges market knowledge with marketing skills to evaluate opportunities and direct them towards their readers or audience.

Digital Wallets

Digital wallets or electronic wallets, are one of the new payment methods that have seen significant growth in recent years. They are very popular in Latin America as they provide a simple way to operate in Dollars or Euros with investment platforms, online shopping, and international online casinos. Several platforms operate in this market:

Astropay: AstroPay's affiliate program offers an interesting and potentially lucrative opportunity for affiliates. By combining CPA and revshare, it offers a diversified revenue model. However, it is important for affiliates to understand both aspects of the program well to maximize their earnings and maintain long-term relationships with referrals.

Astropay Affiliate Link

Skrill: A very popular eWallet due to the versatility it offers for operating with investment platforms, online casinos, and internet shopping platforms.

Skrill Affiliate Link

Neteller: Operated by the same company as Skrill, it offers similar services and costs and is also very popular globally. Like Skrill, the commission structure is not the best, but Neteller is highly demanded.

Neteller Affiliate Link

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